I'm a mid-lifer, pivoting from office management to being a concrete artisan and entrepreneur. Here is my story.

Growing up, I often dreamed of opening my own business. At a young age, I started a family which shifted my focus and life went in a different direction than I anticipated (isn't that often the case though...).

After working in various office environments my entire life, I obtained a bachelor's degree in Business Administration at 40 years old. I thought office management was my destined path, but shortly thereafter, I realized I was unsatisfied and tired of doing that kind of work.

My thoughts began wandering back to my youth and dreams of starting my own business. I wasn’t sure I had the confidence to be my own boss and become an entrepreneur. Luckily, there were several women in my life who were successful entrepreneurs and inspired me.

There was a time when I frequently scrolled social media and watched YouTube videos about DIY concrete items and was enamored with it. That interest was the catalyst that sent me down a research path. Could I start my own business? What would I do? Those thoughts turned into dreams, which ended up blossoming into starting Curate the Details!

Thanks for stopping by and learning a little about me! I hope you love my concrete creations that I have poured my heart into.